The Centre has various rooms which can be hired, 

including a kitchen and sensory room.

The rooms can be hired on a regular or one-off basis depending on availability.

Sweet Eve Hall

Our largest room, it seats 60 comfortably around tables and 90 in rows.  The kitchen is accessible from the hall and a service hatch can be opened between the two.

The Stage if required, can be hired for an additional fee.

The hall opens on to an enclosed outside area which is included in your hire and accessible through the double fire door to the car park.

On the stage there is media system which can be hired.


The larger carpeted conference room with underfloor heating, this room seats up to 40, the room being suitable for children's parties as well as business presentations. Currently only available for hire in the evenings and weekends, Wheelchair access is also possible directly from outside.

Roberts Grant

 This room suitable for meetings of up to 20 people, which if need be, can be divided in two with use of a room partition. There is access directly to the car park and like the rest of the building it has full disabled access,  

Strawberry Fields  (The Art Room)

Symphony Room

The multi- sensory room is available to individuals or small groups who need somewhere different in order to relax. The Multi-Sensory Room uses light, sound and a range of specialized equipment designed to create an environment that is used for relaxation and calming. With the aid of switches it allows users to interact with the equipment giving the opportunity to explore cause and effect. The Multi-Sensory Room delivers proven benefits across all age ranges and from moderate to profound special needs.

The room has seating for 6 with support. Please note that this room is only available to people who have been trained in it's use. Thursday morning training sessions (costing £10 per person) can be arranged for new users,  

El Santa

This room may be hired for one on one interveiws.  

Multi Use Games Area

The Centre has a multi use games area which is free to use on a first come first served basis.